Testin, a mobile application quality assurance SaaS, empowers developers’ confidence delivering the innovation

Testin, a mobile application quality assurance SaaS, empowers developers’ confidence delivering the innovation.

Testin is changing the app lifecycle.

As the enterprise cloud company, Testin defines, structures and automates the flow of mobile and IoT application lifecycle, empowers the modern enterprise be more confidence, scalable, efficient and intelligent than ever before.

The Large & Growing Market Mobile & IoT Application Lifecycle Service


Mobile and IoT are the foundation for today‘senterpriseto survive and grow in the future.


Third-party data shows that the global market for mobile and IoT software applications has reached hundreds of billions

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Quality assurance is a critical component to ensuring a company is ready to go to market with their applications.


Testin’sinitial, alsoflagship, offering is mobile app quality assurance through real device cloud test automationfrom2011.


Since 2014, through the crowdsourcing service model, companies have been able to solve the testing needs by high-cost full-time staff or unefficientworkforce outsourcing.


Therefore, in 2015, we truly meets the one-stop service needs of enterprises, provided a one-stop test service over the entire life cycle of an software application, whcihinclude web, mobile web, HTML5, native and lite mobile application and IoT.


It including detailed functional, performance, compatibility and user experience testing.


In recent years,applications have become incredibly complex.


Developers are eager the one-stop providers to provide full-stack security detection and data intelligence, AI companies of them also urgently need professional, efficient and scalable data engineering & labeling services.

这就是Testin Cloud,众包,安全和数据为满足客户需求所做的工作。

That’s what Testin Cloud, Crowdsourcing, Security and Data doing to fulfill the clients’ needs.


The constant testing requirements of the application life cycle come from application’sservice architecturechangesandgrowth,application’s new version of iteration development, and new mobile and OS upgrade requiring continuous andfrequent test.

Testin Cloud  —Theworld’s largest & AI-powered real devices cloud test automation platform

Testin Cloud的最初需求是Android的碎片化,特别是在中国市场,变得更加复杂。

The initial demand of Testin Cloud is the fragmentation of Android, especially in the Chinese market, becoming more complicated.


Not only the OS version is different, but also the huge differences in hardware and configuration, plus the complexity of the network, App developers become difficult to parry.


We bought almost all Android and iOS phones and devices that we could buy from the market, and built the Testin Cloud.

从那时起,开发人员只需打开一个浏览器,上传待测应用、帐户和密码,TestinCloud将根据背后的AI机器人的脚本,而不是测试工程师,自动在每个设备上安装应用、运行应用程序, 发现了尽可能多的功能,性能,兼容性错误。

From then on, developers only need to open a browser, upload the App with account and password to be tested, Testin cloud will automatically install andrunthe App on each device according to the script of the AI robot behind, instead of the test engineer, to found as many function, performance, compatibility bugsas possible.


Test report will usually be synchronized on Testin cloud in 8 hours.

Testin Cloud是一款人工智能应用程序质量保证平台,可在真正的Android,iOS和智能物联网设备上自动运行,使移动应用程序和游戏开发人员能够使用此框架开发,测试,验证和监控正确的功能,兼容性和 不同OEM,具有不同操作系统版本和硬件配置的真实设备上的应用程序性能,以灵活的方式进行手动或自动访问,并实现业务目标。

Testin Cloud is an AI powered application quality assurance platform as a service automatic running on real Android, iOS and smart IoT devices, which enables mobile App and game developers to use this framework for developing, testing, verifying and monitoring the correct functionality, compatibility and performance of Apps on real devices, by different OEMs, with different OS versions and hardware configurations, with either manual or automated access in agile way and achieve the business goals.

Testin Crowdsourcing  —The world‘s largest on-demand sharing pool forenterprise

Enterprise mobile and IoT application innovation issues are complex and tough to solve.
The traditional methods that have served your enterprise well for decades no longer seem to work.
You know that the best solution is out there somewhere, it’s not always obvious what combination of people, skills and technology you need.
Crowdsourcing – the umbrella term toleveragethe time, expertise, resources and works of large crowds of online people.
Crowdsourcing offers a way for enterprises to find new solutions, and to offer people who want freely and flexibly a greater diversity of work.
It’s also creating new opportunities for individuals to change the way they work, learn new skills and earn rewards wherever they are, even in remote corners of the planet.
Gartner pointed that 75 per cent of high-performing enterprises are using crowdsourcing in some form.
Today, along with increasing employee and social costs, the online crowd is helping enterprises tackle a wide range of challenges, from menial tasks to more complex needs requiring specialized skills, even more scalable at lower cost than in-house teams.
Testin Crowdsourcing综合了用户体验,专家测试和数据工程标签服务,为客户提供了无与伦比的真实世界的巨大资源,在平台、环境、地区和预算方面具有灵活性,是第一个、也是全球最大的资源池,超过100万高技能的软件专业人士、测试人员和数据工程标注者遍布中国,美国和东南亚地区。
Testin Crowdsourcing synthesize user experience, expert testing and data engineering labeling services delivering clientele a tremendous resource of unparalleled real-world, with flexibility regarding platform, environment, geographic location, and budget by the first, only and largest on-demand worldwide pool of more than 1 million highly skilled software professionals, testers and data labelers over China, U.S. and southeast Asia.
Testin Crowdsourcing providing software companies with on-demand testing services by a cross territories community by professional and intern testers.
Testin crowdsourcing application assurance model represents an evolution in traditional software application testing.
通过提供虚拟按需软件测试服务和按绩效付费业务模式,我们为客户提供了巨大的资源,在平台,环境,地理位置和预算方面具有灵活性,在整个产品开发生命周期内提供无与伦比的实际测试 全方位的测试服务:功能,可用性,负载,性能和用户体验测试,以支持全球客户的各种广泛需求。
By offering virtual on-demand software testing services and a Pay-for-Performance business model, we provide our clientele a tremendous resource, with flexibility regarding platform, environment, geographic location, and budget, delivers unparalleled real-world testing throughout product development lifecycles of a full range of testing services: functional, usability, load, performance and user experience testing, to support the diverse and broad needs of a global clientele.
With AI explosion, Testin serve tier 1 AI developer for data engineering & labeling.
For the machines to learn in AI area, data cleaning and labeling is key resource as data engineering.
Testin crowdsourcing take raw data, clean it up and label for AI machines to train.
Actually, any of the complicated AI analytical jobs today, more than 70% of that job is probably about the organizing, cleaning and labeling of data.
The AI companies do not need to hire people who just sit down and label data,they have an option to use lower cost, flexible and scalable Testincrowdsourcing service directly.

Testin Security  —The first quality combinedsecurity cloud service

Testin Security致力于为企业提供一站式安全服务,旨在通过提供一系列全面的安全解决方案和专业服务,帮助企业实现更安全的环境。
Testin Security is dedicated to provide one-stop security services to enterprise, aim to support enterprises to enable a more secured environment by delivering a collection of comprehensive security solutions and professional services.
主要基于安全软件开发生命周期(SSDLC) – 涵盖从设计,开发,测试,部署到生产和完整堆栈安全框架(如干扰和深度)(DID)的所有开发阶段 – 涵盖数据,应用程序,网络和主机层保护 服务器,客户端,移动到物联网生态系统。
Mainly based on Security Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) – covering all development phases from Design, Development, Testing, Deployment to Production and Full Stack Security Framework like Deference and Depth (DID) – covering Data, Application, Network and Host Layers Protecting from Server, Client, Mobile to IoT Ecosystems.

Testin Data  —Disrupted data intelligence system powered bymachine learning

TestinDatais hailed as the turbo brain of the product manager powered by machine learning engine, enable tools application (like news, reading, information, knowledge, and tool) be personalized intelligence, and commercial application (like finance, e-commerce, learning, and travel) be business intelligence.
Real-time automatic optimization of applications (HTML5, mobile pages, applets, fast applications, native apps, IoT QR codes, SMS applications) enables product, operations and marketing team to continuously and efficiently increase conversion rates, ROI and key business indicators.
Predicting the customer’s subconscious needs and delivering immediately, driving the business benefits of sustainable evolution and brand loyalty.
TestinDatahas the ability to increase real-time, continuous, and intelligent conversion rates, driving user growth, while supporting intelligent optimization, while supports traditional A/B testing.

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